APSense.com FINALLY Paid Me !

For Long time no wrote on my blog... today i am happy... because for my long hard work by my self click on click advertisement .... finally i receive the money from my APSense network !!!

After I joined for 5 YEARS on this network since November 2007,.. only click Adv on my email by my self  ... YES finnaly i have got money from APSense.com... you know this is a hard work... !!!

I have got 50$ in my alertpay known as payza.com received yesterday ( Oct 18, 2012 )... thank you APSense... you are Legit...

Every adv send to my mail every day,.. i always click it on day by day...
Every click has values $0.01 - $0.02 ... believe me ... this work needs a patience.

This is my Proof for APSense Paid me...


For my friend or someone who visited this page ... i would like you to ask join with me on this network...

Just click on banner pictures bellow... if you dont understand for the first time join this Apsense network... i will happy to help you... event you are not my downline or under my network.

Okay Guyz.. just my share... hehehehe

Bux4cash Payment Proofs

PTC (HOT) bux4cash.com | 1x times paid, Paid by  Alertpay

1st Payment Proofs from Clicksia to My Paypal.. Thank you !!


Clicksia Payment Proofs

PTC (HOT) clicksia.com | 1x times paid, Paid by  Paypal


1st Payment Proofs from Clicksia to My Paypal.. Thank you !!


Onbux Payment Proofs

PTC (HOT) onbux.com | 1x times paid, Paid by  Paypal or AlertPay or Liberty Reserve

1st Payment Proofs from Onbux to My Alertpay.. Thank you !!

IncraseBux Payment Proofs

PTC incrasebux.com. | 1x times paid by Paypal and AlertPay

1st Payment Proofs from IncraseBux.. Thank you !!